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Thursday, February 18, 2010  

Beyond Kumbaya

As a Christian, I am called to avoid being "yoked together with unbelievers,"1 but also to love my neighbor.2 When we find ourselves in associations with others who belong to the world, we have to keep these twin requirements in mind as we balance them in practice.

Here is an example of what I think is a proper Christian response to a online forum (in this case a Florida concealed-weapons forum) that has allowed a hateful attack on followers of Islam. It has nothing whatsoever to do with concealed weapons in Florida, but this is a thread in which such an attack was permitted and accepted. A first attempt to stop it was met with condescension and some derision. Hence the following response.

Looking beyond kumbaya and political correctness

My concern with this thread has nothing whatsoever to do with political correctness (PC), but rather with what I see as this Forum's acceptance of a hate-filled, ignorant screed against a certain class of Americans. I am a Christian: I am not a follower of Islam, so I have nothing spiritual at stake here. However, my daughter is a Muslim (and with that my son-in-law and my four grandchildren), and I respect that. My daughter is a US citizen; she is not a terrorist. In fact, the following Americans are Muslims (and also not terrorists, I believe):

Muhammad Ali
Mike Tyson
Ice Cube
Shaquille O'Neil
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Dave Chappelle
Jermaine Jackson

There are others, of course, and many of them are US citizens living in Florida and who may want to carry a concealed weapon and participate in a forum where this is encouraged and supported. The following selections from this thread, as far as I can tell, certainly fall within the class of "derogatory slurs" [forbidden by the rules of the Forum]:
"Islam is not a religon of peace it is a POLITICAL system of terror against others."

"They butcher each other. Cowardly, sneak attack us. Hate the Jews for no other reason but hatred. I have nothing good to say about the Muslims and wish they'd all go home."

"P**S on the Muslims."

"I don't think Muslims should be allowed to come here. Better yet, those here should take a long slow boat ride home, where on the way they can stop by Israel to pay homage, give the Jews a tithe and then go home to their sand gardens where they can eat dirt, ride camels and continue to kill each other as they've been doing for five thousand years. Once they are settled in and have decided to exterminate each other's sects, we should then sell them weapons (get us out of debt) to help them on there way. Israel could them have states."

"Like I give a rat's rear end what Muslims object to. Let 'em go ride a freakin' magic carpet if they don't like it."

"I can't give a rat's hind end about what the Muslims think. If it were not for them, there would be no need to scan in the first place."

"They can scan my Muslim body since I'm nothing but a skeleton and the best kind of terrorist...A DEAD ONE."

"quite frankly, I couldn't give two flying $h!ts about whether or not muslims object to full body scans! If the little effers would just learn to play nice with the rest of us, mind their own damned business, and practice their allah BS in peace like the rest of us, then things would be one hell of a lot better for everybody. But noooooo, they gotta go and declare jihad on the infidels. They want to convert everyone to islam, and if the infidels don't convert, then kill them. You know what, I want to see those sorry little ingrates come over to my door and try that crap with me, I'll send them to meet their 72 virgins long before they ever dreamed about it! And if they persist in pursuing their little jihad with the infidels, this infidel will gladly press the button that will turn their sorry little country into the worlds biggest GLASS FACTORY!!"

As a Christian, I gave up long ago trying to make it my personal mission to convert everyone to my faith. My daughter is Muslim, my sister is Jewish, and I can't control what they believe. And it's not my place to control them in that way. But I've learned that I can't be any aid in moving others to my faith if I give in to hate and to encouraging the destruction/killing of those who don't share my faith.

As an American, moreover, I am compelled to step in and stand up for those who choose a different religious lifestyle. This is provided by the US Constitution.

Considering who has participated in this thread (including senior members, distinguished members, and a super moderator), I am appalled at the language—and more so that this is apparently okay. I expect such from Stormfront, but I did not expect this from the Florida Concealed Carry Forums.

Therefore I am leaving the Forum. This dude abides.

The attacks continued in that online forum, but I certainly don't have any control over that. We do what we can.

1.  2 Corinthians 6:14.
2.  See Matthew 22:36-43, 5:43-46.

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